ce_2016We are a young, Spanish company with German roots, dynamic whose main objective is the specialized and personalized advice to each of our clients.

We offer the full range of laser machinery for any sector that is feasible to include the work usually performed through traditional processes.

We can customize each machine at the request of the customer, therefore the machine corresponds to 100% to the requirements of the client and his works.

Our manufacturing of the machines is 100% transparent and reliable: Flow chart!

All components in our machines are top brands for maximum reliability and durability. We have spare parts in stock. 9 years of experience with these teams support us.

Warranty, spare parts in stock and service technical assistance direct from factory and in Spain.

selloWe have the full range of laser machinery for any sector, including the most stringent EU CE quality control and FDA certification.

Many companies that sell laser equipment also fail in service. We offer a comprehensive service. Our customer is not left alone when he has a problem with his machine, he can always contact us, either by phone, email, our website or via teamviewer.

Even after the warranty period we support each customer to solve their problems quickly and satisfied, there is no commitment.

We constantly strive to improve our products and to leave new technologies incorporated in LiquiLaser equipment.