Warranty period
Each product is covered by the guarantee offered by the manufacturer of that product. Consult the warranty periods according to the desired product if required.

The warranty on consumer goods
On September 11 came into force the new Law on Guarantees in consumer goods (Law 23/2003 of 10 July)

Furnish our home, purchasing an appliance, buy a car, etc., constitute contracts for the sale of goods denominated durable nature attached to them rights and duties for the buyer and seller.

These contracts guarantee is particularly relevant, especially if the goods purchased suffer from hidden defects.

According to the new Law on Guarantees in consumer goods since last Sept. 11, the seller shall be liable for any defects in the product purchased that make it useless for the purpose for which it is intended, reduce use and which have been known to the buyer, this would not have purchased or would have less money for him. ”

What is the CE mark?
The CE marking was introduced by the European Commission, which establishes the conditions of use of the CE mark within the different CE marking directives. With the CE marking, the manufacturer or its representative within the U.E. declare that the individual product meets the general safety of CE marking directives. Manufacturers outside the U.E. They can nominate their European importers and their representatives in the U.E.
(Source: http://www.ul-europe.com)

With the “CE” marking, the manufacturer declares conformity with all obligations relating to the products incumbent on the manufacturer, in accordance with EU Directives on placement.
(source: http://www.marcado-ce.com)