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What is a CO2 laser and how does it work?

The carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) is one of the oldest gas lasers developed by Kumar Patel at Bell Laboratories in 1964,1 and still has a large number of applications today. Continuous-mode carbon dioxide lasers have great power and are easily accessible. They are also very effective; The pumping power ratio (the excitation power) vs. […]

Aluminium for laser engraving!

Anodized aluminum comes in different colors offer aluminum in the following color combinations. The photos are of our authorship. Due to reflections pictures of aluminum which has a glossy coating they are of inferior quality, and presented on the effect of “live” looks like it should. The project is engraved in silver aluminum has a […]

What products do have the main financial institutions?


Echa un vistazo a este portafolio de las principales entidades financieras y los productos que ofrecen para iniciar un proyecto empresarial. Para todos los gustos y presupuestos BANCO SABADELL Póliza de préstamo Características: Plazo de amortización de hasta siete años, con periodos de amortización mensuales o trimestrales. Pueden contemplar periodos de carencia. Oferta personalizada, con […]

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