LiquiLaser is a young, dynamic spanish company with German roots, whose main objective is the specialized and personalized advice to each of our clients. We offer the full range of laser machinery for any sector that is feasible to include the work usually done through traditional processes.

Our office
liquid trade – Henning Voges
C/Avoceta, 29
E-11130 Chiclana de la Frontera – Spain
VAT identification number (VAT-No.): X4986031E
Nº EORI: ESX4986031E
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Legal form of the company
Individual entrepreneur


1. Full control of the company by the owner, who directs his management.

2. The legal personality of the company is the same as that of its owner  (businessman), who personally responds to all the obligations contracted by the company.

3. There is no differentiation between the commercial heritage and its civil heritage.

4. It does not need prior process of constitution. The procedures begin at  the beginning of the business activity.

5. The contribution of capital to the company, both in its quality and in its quantity, has no limit other than the will of the entrepreneur.



Trust Us
I attach the official pages where you can verify us as intra-Community  operators (it is advisable to verify this data with any supplier to verify  that it is not illegal or “pirate” companies and can offer an official  guarantee and a after-sales service):

1. Official Website of the European economic community to verify intracommunitarian operator license (VIES VAT number validation):

2. Official Website of the Spanish economy ministry to verify intracommunitarian operator license (VIES VAT number validation):


Copyright indications
Texts, images, graphics and layout contained in these pages are subject to  worldwide copyright. Illegal use, reproduction or transmission of partial  or complete contents will be pursued not only for criminal liability but  also for civil liability.

With this it is possible according to the Spanish civil law omission and indemnification, concession or destruction of the multiplication devices as well as the public notification of the trial. Abstention claims are guaranteed with up to 250,000 euros or imprisonment up to six months. With the criminal prosecution they risk prison sentences of up to 5 years.