Aluminium for laser engraving!

Anodized aluminum comes in different colors offer aluminum in the following color combinations. The photos are of our authorship. Due to reflections pictures of aluminum which has a glossy coating they are of inferior quality, and presented on the effect of “live” looks like it should.

The project is engraved in silver aluminum has a dimension of 67 x 56 mm. Time engraving 3 minutes. Of course you can engrave faster. We chose the settings so that the customer does not report the complaint. Although the base from the bottom is also received silver black fill. After przetarliśmy engraving engraved surface with denatured alcohol to remove the soft raid which was created during the etching. A similar effect can be obtained on laminates engraving. Unfortunately, engraving laminates are made of ABS plastic and when you try to wrap them on the tube burst. Metal engraving can be freely molded.

This process can be called the marking of aluminum. The aluminum can engrave different descriptions, pictograms, to create nameplates or implement many other ideas. Often wrong Customers sheet grawertonu, sublimation of plates grawerskimi. They differ in the composition and method of processing.

Anodized aluminum is easy to work laser engraving co2

Sheets Engraving have a dimension of 600 x 300 mm and thickness of 0.45 mm and 0.55 mm. Aluminium can be shred to any size using a guillotine.

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